Publishing: A Worthy Investment?

Will my book sell? Will I make money? Could this produce viable side income? These are questions many new authors have. In our experience, we have found that there are two types of authors:

    This particular writer simply has a calling, a burden, or an urgency to deliver a message. The book is simply a vehicle for that message and back-end profits are completely secondary.
    This writer feels a particular pull to steward resources well and sees to it that his or her writing is fruitful financially just as it is fruitful spiritually. They view publishing costs as an investment, not an expense.

We help both types of writers on the regular, and we honor them respectively. Defining these goals from the onset is a must. When asked, “Will my book sell?” the answer is yes, no, or maybe. Releasing a book is just like releasing any other new product that has never before been seen by the public. It requires the utilization of relationships, book-signings, and digital promotion to realize its potential. Here is some helpful info to help in your decision: 

The average book sells 3,000 copies in its lifetime. If you earned $5 net per book, you would gross $15,000.
• Books build brands. A published book is like a business card on steroids—creating opportunities galore.