Do I Need Editing and Feedback?

The amount of editorial care needed to produce a solid book can vary widely. Are you an experienced writer? Are you confident in your self-edits? How long is your book?

At a minimum, here are our editing and proofreading recommendations for a standard project:

  1. Complete several (3-4) rounds of self-edits and grammarly scans upon finishing your book.
  2. Have a friend, family member, or acquaintance with a strong english/grammar/writing background proofread the book and provide any feedback on structural issues.
  3. Pay for one-round of professional proofreading. *We offer services starting at .01¢ per word.
  4. Prior to publication, complete another round of word-by-word scanning in your physical proof copy.

The fact is, with longer books, just one-round of proofreading (professional or otherwise) will generally serve to correct 99% of the issues. Yet additional rounds of proofreading may be needed to find and fix every minor lapse.

BEYOND PROOFREADING. For those who would feel more comfortable with heavier types of editing, we offer that too. Heavier edits include: developmental editing, flow editing, word choice clean up, chapter arrangement, tone evaluation and so forth. *These rates vary by project but are generally between .01¢ and .04¢ cents per word.