Author Copies and Inventory

Warehousing, bulk orders, amazon listings, distribution—it can all be a bit overwhelming. We have created a streamlined, simplified model to maximize reach and minimize headache.

Contrary to the popular trend, our firm does not require you to purchase any author copies whatsoever. You want inventory? Great. You prefer to focus on digital sales? Fantastic. It is your baby. However, if you do wish to order author copies in bulk to sell at your signings and engagements, we offer seriously competitive rates.

Generally, the price per book is a fixed $4.50 apiece for order quantities between 50 and 500 copies. Bigger discounts usually apply to booklets smaller than 80 pages.

For large print runs of 500 copies and beyond, the discounts increase. Books can cost as little as $1.99 apiece depending on volume. For these orders, we utilize our offset press to produce high volume, high quality, low-cost books.

• Our average paperback has a suggested retail price of $14.95. At $4.50 apiece (plus a little for shipping) you are set to net $10 per book when selling on a table or at a signing.

NO INVENTORY is required for online distribution. We partner with demand-driven printing presses that print, pack, ship and track books sold through amazon and other online retailers. You just collect your royalty.